a little bird told me

a steal

above and beyond

act of God

against the grain

all bark and no bite

all ears

all in a day’s work

all in one’s head

all over the map

all roads lead to Rome

ambulance chaser


any port in a storm

as the crow flies

asleep at the wheel

at the end of one’s rope

at my wits’ end

average Joe


axe to grind

back burner

back to square one

back to the drawing board

back-of-the-envelope calculations

bad apple

baker’s dozen

ball is in your court

ballpark figure

balls to the wall

banana republic

barking up the wrong tree

basket case

bat an eyelid

bear fruit

beat around the bush

beat the rap (rap sheet)

beat someone to the punch

behind closed doors

behind the curtain

behind the curve

behind someone’s back

behind the times

believe you me

below the belt

bend over backwards

beside the point

beside one’s self

best of both worlds

bet the farm

bet the ranch

bet your bottom dollar

better you than me

better the devil you know

between a rock and a hard place

between the devil and the deep blue sea

beyond the shadow of a doubt

big cheese

Big Easy

big fish in a small pond

bigger fish to fry

bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

—usingenglish.com — begin B4

come to a fork in the road

cost a pretty penny

cost an arm and a leg

cut someone off at the knees

day late and a dollar short

don’t put all your eggs in one basket

every single one

fight fire with fire

have a lot on one’s plate

it is what it is

leave a bad taste in one’s mouth

lights are on but no one’s home

talking out of both sides of one’s mouth

two peas in a pod

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