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Our Mission

What do we want to accomplish with our limited time? Who do we honor with our actions?

Life changes every day. The conversations we have with friends and family help us figure out how we feel about those changes, what to do next, and where to find meaning.

You are learning English because your life has changed and you want something new from it. Grammar is your guide, vocabulary is your vehicle. But you will only shape your future when you can clearly say why you must journey, where you’re headed, and how you’ll get there.

I want our conversations to change us. So, in class, we talk about our dreams and goals. We console each other through the loss of Home, loved ones, marriages, and friendships. We heal, find new opportunities, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Together, our students have opened businesses, entered and graduated college, begun careers, interviewed for and landed jobs, faced fears, changed habits, bought houses, made friends, advocated for themselves and others, and grown fully into their new lives.

Together, let’s speak our future into being.

My name is Nathan Bogardus. I have been a language teacher since 2001. My career has given me the opportunity to teach English at the Spanish Royal Palace and the Spanish Ministry of Defense, for public and private language schools in the US, Europe, and South America. I have taught Spanish in the New York public university systems and in private colleges.

In Spain, I learned to survive and thrive speaking a foreign language. This prepared me well to help my students do the same.

Originally, this website was created as a list of English language websites I found useful for students. Over the years, in my own voice, I began developing my own, more meaningful content: texts, tales, worksheets, exercises, audio, videos, and more. The stories we tell matter; language is just the medium for connecting us and speaking our truths.

Whether you are a student or yourself a teacher, please use any and all of these resources to help yourself or students to improve speaking, writing, listening, and reading in English. Most importantly, conspire with one another to do something meaningful.

If you have any questions, or would like to collaborate on similar projects, please don’t hesitate to contact me at either of the below methods: