Get – up, in, into, out, out of, around, away, back, off, on, down, over (something), with, at (access),

I’m going to get up tomorrow morning at 5:30.  (wake up)

How do you get around if you don’t have a car?  (travel from place to place)

My wife and I plan to get away this winter.  (go on vacation)

I think Pierre was drunk, cause he was really getting down at that party. (dancing)

Get + verb (past participle) –

get lost – We weren’t paying attention to where we were going and we soon got lost.

get married – Ingrid and Jack are going to get married this August.

get nervous –  With the approaching wedding, Ingrid is starting to get nervous.

get divorced – If Ingrid is too nervous, she should call off the wedding, since it’s cheaper than getting divorced.

get invited – Did you get invited to the dinner party at Elizabeth’s house?

get done – With all of these interruptions, I’ll never get done with my homework

get fired – After showing up late to her job for the third day in a row, Andrew got fired.

get hired – Now, Andrew is sending out resumes and hoping to get hired as soon as possible.

get paid – Do we get paid this Friday or next?

get well – If you see your cousin, tell him to get well soon.

get wet – Not bothering to put on her jacket before leaving the apartment, Jodi got wet in the rain.

get accustomed – How long did it take you to get accustomed to all of the traffic in this city?


Back – up (reinforce), away, in


Go – away, out, for, out, on (continue)


Be – up, away, in, around,


Call – up (initial call), back, out, on (a student), off (cancel), in (sick), over


Put -up with, away, back, on (clothing), off (delay), down (euthanize an animal)


Pull – over (car), off (accomplish against odds), in (attract), out (remove), up (arrive by vehicle)

Bring – up (mention, raise child), back (return), out (highlight in someone), in t

Stay – up, out, away, out, back

On the longest day of the year, our father would always let us stay up all night long.  (be awake)

When she was younger, Elsiana’s parents only let her stay out until 10:00.  (be out of the house)

Look – up, for, into (situation), out for, away, after, down on, over,

See – someone out, through,

Tear – up, out, down

Hand -out, in

Lay off

Turn – up (appear, volume), down (reject, volume), on, off, away (refuse to serve), out (result, produce), over (flip), around

Run – into, out of, away, over, up (bill), down (tire), off

Write – down, up

Fill – out, up, in

Print out

Eat out

Hang out

Move out of

Cross out

Find out

 Point out

Sort out (organize, resolve)

Work out (a problem, exercise)

Show – up, off

Blow – out (candle), up (bomb)

Take – out (on a date, police tactical kill), someone up on something, up (begin hobby), on (a challenge), away (confiscate), in (care for), off (plane, coat, leave)

Go – on, off, out

Grow up

Speak up/out

Start out

Clean – up, out

Stand up

Fall down

Dress up

Sit – up, down, back

Break – up, down, away, off, out (rash, zits)

Give – up, out, away, in (to demands), back, off (emit)


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