Recipe: Berlin Mint Zucchini


Start with four cloves of garlic.  Remove the paper casing around them and slice them, then mince them:

Whole Garlic Thinly Sliced Garlic Minced Garlic

Using two or three medium-sized zucchini and a peeler, shave the zucchini into thin strips:

Whole Zucchini Peeler Peeled Zucchini

Boil 6 cups of water in a large pot.  When the water is boiling, add one pound of pasta (spaghetti) to the water.  Make sure the pasta is completely submerged and stir it within 30 seconds of placing it in the pot of boiling water:

Boiling Pot Water Pasta on Counter Pasta in Pot

Light a separate burner and place a medium or large sautéing pan over it on medium heat. Add three to five tablespoons of olive oil.  When the oil gets hot, add the minced garlic and sauté for one to two minutes.  Add the shaved zucchini to the pan with oil and garlic.  Sauté for six to eight minutes:

Flame under Pan Garlic in Oil Zucchini in Pan

Remove the leaves from the stems on about three stalks of sweet mint.  Finely chop the mint and set aside:

Whole Mint Mint Leaves Mint Chopped

After the pasta has cooked ten minutes or so (depending on thickness of the pasta – see box), it will begin to get soft and chewable.  When it is first chewable, remove it from the boiling water by pouring it into a colander.  Let it sit for 30 seconds to fully drain:

Pasta Submerged Colander Pasta in Colander

Cut off a few chunks of parmesan cheese and grate them with a steel grater or a hand-held crank grater.  Place the pasta on a plate or in a large bowl, cover it with the zucchini, then the mint, and finally add the grated cheese.  Enjoy!:Parmesan Cheese Berlin Mint Zucchini



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