[audio: comparatives]

Look at the picture:IMG_0896  The onion is bigger than the lime.  The lime is smaller than the onion.

Rules for unequal comparatives:

1-Syllable words:        word > word+er than

Adjectives:  big, tall, fat, small, slim, plump, long, short, sweet, cool, hot, cold, warm,

big > bigger than         tall > taller than       fat > fatter than          small > smaller than

2-Syllable words that end in “y”:      wordy > word+ier than

happy, healthy, crazy, silly, slimy, dizzy, stinky, shady, nasty, bumpy, silky, scaly

happy > happier than       healthy > healthier than      crazy > crazier than

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,… Syllable words:     word > more word

2: awful, frigid, useful, helpful, mature, distant, super

more awful than, more frigid than, more useful than, more helpful than,

3: different, wonderful, difficult, excessive, outstanding, fantastic, majestic,

more different than, more wonderful than, more difficult than

4: interesting, incredible, immaculate

more interesting than, more incredible than, more immaculate than

5: unbelievable, uncomfortable, imaginable

more unbelievable than, more uncomfortable than, more imaginable than


In general, men are taller than women.

Who is older – you or your sister?

It’s hotter today than it was yesterday.



Write comparative sentences about the following pieces of fruit and vegetables:

1.  An apple is ______________  than a lime. (size)


2.  The lime is ___________ than the tomato. (size)


3.  The lime is ___________ than the mango, but ____________ than the lemon. (size)

4.  In general, limes are ___________ than mangoes and ____________ than lemons. (size)

IMG_0888 IMG_0887


5.  Lemons are ___________ __________ than tomatoes. (sour)



6.  The mango looks _____________ ____________ the lemon.  (delicious)


7.  The onion ____  ____________  __________ the lemon.


8.  The apple ____ ____________ ________ ______ __________.


9.  ____ ____________   ____  ______________  ________ ___ _________.


10.  The mango is __________ __________ the tomato and the _____________.

IMG_0881  IMG_0884

11.  The mango is slightly _______ _____ the onion, but much ________ ______ the lime. (size)

IMG_0885 IMG_0888


12.  _________________________________________________________________.

IMG_0886   IMG_0883


More exercises:

  1. A hammer is (useful)________________ for removing a nail ___________ a screwdriver is.
  2. This New Year, I promise myself to live a (healthy) ________________ lifestyle ___________I did last year.
  3. We don’t see how any test could be (difficult)________________ ___________ the driver’s license test.


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