Look for all of the examples of the past simple in the following stories:

Sarah’s First Bicycle Ride

When Sarah was 6 years old, her mother bought her a bright red bicycle, complete with training wheels, for her birthday. Sarah was so excited that she jumped up and down for almost ten minutes when her father got the bike from the garage, where it had been hiding, and wheeled it into the kitchen.  It had a huge pink bow on it and was shining brightly in the late-morning light of the kitchen.  Both of her parents were nervous that she might hurt herself when she started to learn how to ride, so they had also gotten her a green helmet and green elbow and kneepads.  Sarah insisted that they go outside immediately and begin riding.  Even though her father was already late for work, he thought it best to spend at least 15 more minutes at the house watching his daughter take her first ride on a bicycle.  They were gliding slowly up and down the driveway when Sarah’s mother remembered to go and get the video camera, so that she could record this once-in-a-lifetime moment.  Today Sarah is turning 24 years old and she still smiles and is filled with joy when she watches the movie her mom recorded that morning.

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