Caleb loved magic. He watched magic shows on television. The magicians he watched did many tricks. Some tricks were amazing. Others were scary. Caleb decided that he wanted to be a magician.

He read books about magic. He watched Youtube to learn tricks. The tricks were difficult, but he practiced a lot. He learned five tricks and practiced them often. Then, he wanted to put on a magic show. Caleb’s mother and father watched the show. They were very impressed. They told Caleb’s older sister how good he was. This made him feel proud.

Caleb’s older sister was happy for her brother. She found a magic school in the city. She asked their mother if he could go. Their mother said, “yes”.

Caleb was so excited. The camp lasted for eight weeks in the summer. He packed his bags and said goodbye to his family. They were going to miss him.

When he arrived at school, he made many friends. Jaron and Marielle were his best friends there. They were so much fun. They all supported each other. His friends were smart and bold. They were daring and would try really difficult tricks. Marielle made a cat disappear. Jaron turned an apple into a pumpkin!

Caleb’s teachers were excellent. They taught him everything. Most of all, they showed him how to respect magic. He was getting better, but he wanted to be great. His teachers told him about the source of magic. They said that it was a mixture of many things. One of those things was inspiration. Old magicians used to wait for inspiration. Sometimes they would go outside and sit in nature. The natural world gave them inspiration. Plants and animals had powers. Magicians tried to understand those powers.

The teachers at the magic school took the students out into the woods. They told them to listen to the sounds. Caleb listened to birds and insects. They told them to look around them. Caleb saw trees and the sky. He saw a stream. He thought about the water in the stream.

The teachers told the students about potions. They said that magicians used strange potions to get inspiration. Caleb was interested in this. He asked one of his teachers how to make those potions. The teacher told him not to think about the potions. This teacher said that the potions were evil. Caleb asked if there were any good ones. The teacher said that the only good ones could be found in the magic school’s library.

When they got back to the school, Caleb went to the library. He asked the librarian where the books about inspirational potions were. The librarian said that the back section of the library was for potions of all kinds. He found the section. There were many rows of books. Caleb searched and searched. He found potions for love, potions for strength, potions for sleep, and finally, potions for inspiration.

One book in the section was bright white. It just said “Inspiration” on the cover. Caleb knew it was a sacred book. He opened it. The room got dark. The book was glowing. It was the only light in the library. Caleb’s eyes were wide open. The light was blinding.

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