It’s spring time! It’s raining. Khalid is at home. His house is a mess. He must clean it. Every spring, Khalid does a big spring cleaning.

Khalid starts in the garage. He collects the snow shovels. Then, he brings them up the ladder and puts them away in the attic above the garage. It is hot in the attic. He has big containers up there. In each container, he has the things he needs for the spring and summer. Khalid opens a container. He takes out a hammock.

In the yard, there are two tall trees. They shade the ground below. Khalid ties the hammock to the trees. He makes sure it is secure. All this work has made him thirsty. So, Khalid goes inside for a drink.

In the kitchen, Khalid squeezes out a lemon into a glass. He adds ice and water. He puts in two teaspoons of sugar and stirs the drink. Khalid has made himself a lemonade. In the livingroom, he grabs a pillow and brings it outside. Khalid lays down on the hammock. He has the pillow under his head. The lemonade tastes delicious. There is still so much work. Khalid thinks about the work. Spring cleaning is exhausting! He sips more of his lemonade. Ahh, how refreshing! he thinks to himself.

There is a light breeze. In the shade under the trees, Khalid slowly falls asleep…

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