Seasons of the Year

There are four seasons of the year. They are spring, summer, fall, and winter.

In the United States, the spring months are March, April, and May. Spring is a beautiful season. The days get longer. The sun rises earlier. It sets later. The weather gets warmer. It rains a lot. Flowers bloom. Leaves appear on trees. The grass turns green again. Birds return. It is the most colorful season.

Summer months are June, July, and August. Summer weather is hot. The sun is strong. There are many thunderstorms. Fruits and vegetables grow. People wear shorts and t-shirts. They go swimming. Kids are not in school. They get to play outside with friends. Some families take vacations. Everything is deep green in the late summer.

Fall months are September, October, and November. In September, kids go back to school. The weather gets colder. People start wearing pants and light jackets. The days start getting shorter. The sun sets earlier. It rises later. Farmers gather crops. People pick fruits and vegetables. The leaves on the trees turn red, yellow, orange, and brown. They fall off the trees and cover the ground. The first frost happens.

Winter months are December, January, and February. It is very cold and dark. Lakes and rivers freeze. The days are short. The nights are long. It is often cloudy. People stay inside more. They wear coats, hats, and gloves when they go outside. Sometimes it snows. Sometimes there is freezing rain. In the winter, everything is gray, white, and brown. Winter doesn’t last forever. Soon, it is spring again.

All the seasons of the year are different. Each has its mood. Each is beautiful in its own way. Everybody has their favorite season. Some we like. Others we love. If you don’t like one season, just wait. They are always changing!

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