Mr. Schultz enjoys mowing his lawn. It takes him about an hour. He has a riding lawn mower. Mr. Schultz sits on his riding lawn mower and drives it all around his yard. He cuts the grass about every ten days. Sometimes, it rains a lot. Then he cuts it once a week. The lawn mower he uses is 22 years old. One spring, Mr. Schultz goes into his garage. He sits down on the seat of the mower and turns the key. Nothing happens.

Mr. Schultz gets off the lawn mower and opens the hood. He looks around at the different parts of the engine. Maybe the battery needs to be charged. Mr. Schultz plugs in his charger and connects it to the battery. Then he goes inside to wait. About two hours later, Mr. Schultz returns to the garage. He unhooks the battery charger and tries to start the engine again. When the key turns, there isn’t even a sound.

“The battery must be completely dead,” Mr. Schultz thinks to himself. He looks at the battery and writes down what kind it is. Inside his house, a quick internet search shows that the battery costs $75 and that it is in stock at Robinson’s Hardware. Mr. Schultz gets in his car and drives nine minutes towards town. Robinson’s Hardware is just outside of town.

“Good morning, Peter!” Mr. Schultz says to Peter Robinson, the owner of the hardware store.

“Good morning, Mark! What can I do for you today?” Peter replies.

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