The fall season is one of the most beautiful times of the year. In the United States, it begins in September and goes through October and November. We also call this season “autumn”. Summer is over and the days start to get shorter. The sun rises a little later each day and sets a little earlier.

Now that the sunlight is not as strong, the leaves on the trees begin to change colors, from green to yellow, orange, red, and brown. They soon fall off the trees and land on the ground.

fall season autumn sunset

Fall Harvest

Fall is the harvest season. When we grow food, we call these plants “crops”, because they eventually get cut, or cropped. Crops planted in the spring have grown all summer long. The nights start to get cold and farmers begin to worry about a frost. This is when the temperatures go below freezing and it begins to damage plant, including crops like corn, apples, and lettuce. Farmers want to harvest their crops as late as possible, to let them grow as big as they can. But they must pick and gather them before the first frost, or the plants will be ruined and rot quickly.

Harvest Moon

Traditionally, there are calendar days and holidays that mark the fall harvest. The fall (autumn) equinox is on September 21 or 22 in New York. This is the day when there is 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness. Before there was electricity, farmers used to wait until the full moon closest to this equinox to harvest their crops. That’s why they call that moon the harvest moon. They would start picking, cutting, and gathering their crops in the day, and this bright full moon would give them enough light to work late into the night to finish the job.

fall season pumpkins

Once farmers have harvested the crops, they begin immediately to sent them out to market. What does not go out to market is stored inside barns and silos for the farm animals to eat. Among all of the food harvested in the fall, the pumpkin has become a popular symbol. Read more about pumpkins below:

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