Pierre was feeling nervous. Today was his yearly checkup at his doctor’s office. Pierre likes his new doctor better than his last one. His new doctor’s name is Dr. Swanson. Pierre asks Dr. Swanson many questions about his health. Dr. Swanson answers Pierre’s questions very thoroughly. Sometimes Pierre doesn’t exactly understand what she’s saying. Luckily, Dr. Swanson is a very patient woman. She explains her answers to Pierre using different terms. When she does this, Pierre understands her perfectly. This makes him feel safe and informed.

At this checkup, Dr. Swanson takes Pierre’s blood pressure. She tells him that it’s one-twenty-five over seventy-five (125/75). “Is that good?” he asks her.

“That’s great,” She responds. She then uses an otoscope to look at his eyes. The otoscope shines a bright light into Pierre’s eyes. Dr. Swanson moves around looking at his eyes from different angles. She then inserts the otoscope into his ears and looks for any redness. She blows air steadily into his ears through a tube. She is checking the pressure behind his eardrum. His eardrum moves a little from the air.

Dr. Swanson asks Pierre to open his mouth and say Ahhh, which he does. She shines the light into the back of his throat, looking for redness, swelling, and irregularities. His throat looks healthy.

Dr. Swanson takes out her stethoscope and puts the earpieces into her ears. She uses the stethoscope to listen to Pierre’s heart. She wants to check Pierre’s lungs, so she tells him to take a deep breath.

Next, she has Pierre lie down to check his abdomen. She pushes on his abdomen and asks him if he feels any pain.

She looks at the skin on Pierre’s shoulders and back. She is checking for skin cancer. His skin looks good.

“So, what do you think, doc?” Pierre asks her.

“Everything looks great. You’re healthy and you seem excellent,” replies Dr. Swanson.

“Phew! Thanks, Dr. Swanson. I was so nervous.” Pierre explains.