Frank always loved the idea of a road trip. So when he retired, he bought an RV. An RV is a recreational vehicle. It is basically a big bus for one family. RVs have a bed, a couch, a table, a shower, and even a kitchen with a refrigerator and a stovetop. They are very comfortable when traveling. And best of all, you don’t have to rent a hotel room.

Road Trip

Frank’s daughter had moved to California and he wanted to visit her. So, he decided he would finally take a road trip. Frank got his RV inspected and tuned up. Afterwards, he gathered everything he would need: clothing for a couple of weeks, food to fill up the fridge, a GPS for navigation, some books to read, and his camera to take pictures of the trip. Once he was ready, he went to bed early to get a good night’s sleep and started out early in the morning.

Frank got up before the sun rose on a Friday morning. He ate breakfast, took a shower, and locked the door to the house. It was still dark out when he climbed into the RV and got into the big driver’s seat. He buckled his seat belt, started the engine and pulled out onto the open road…

Transportation & Travel

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