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beach vacation
Noelle and Lucia on our beach vacation

My family and I are on beach vacation in Florida. When we go on vacation, we sleep later. Each day, we wake up at eight o’clock and go to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. My daughters love pancakes and eggs. My wife and I get the buffet, which has fresh fruit, custom-made omelettes, yogurt and all-you-can-drink coffee!

After breakfast, we go back to the hotel and get ready for the beach. We pack towels, snacks, and toys in our beach bag and put on our bathing suits. My daughters are still young, so they take their floaties with them. We usually get to the beach at around nine thirty, and the beach is not yet very crowded. It is usually very sunny by the time we arrive. Some days it is already very hot.

The lifeguards are on duty. They are sitting in their high chairs, wearing sunglasses and shaded by overhead awnings. There are some people running up and down the beach for exercise. Many people are lying in the sun on beach blankets. They want to get suntans. Others are sitting under umbrellas. We rub sunscreen all over our daughters’ faces, necks, shoulders, arms and legs. Now they are ready to be in the sun.

In the Ocean

The girls want to go swimming immediately. We go down to the shoreline and walk into the waves. The ocean water is cool and refreshing. My youngest daughter screams each time a wave crashes by her. She loves being in the ocean, even though she is still a little scared of the rough waves. She can usually stay on her feet, but sometimes I have to grab her and pick her back up when gets knocked over by a wave.

The girls get a little tired and we decide to play for a while in the sand. We dig in the sand with little plastic shovels and fill up buckets with wet sand. I show them how to pack the sand tightly and then flip the buckets over. We make a small sand castle and decorate it with sea shells, sticks, and leaves.

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