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Jorge is going to the public library today. He wanted to learn about space. He went to a book store. There were many books there. They were expensive. Jorge didn’t have a lot of money. He couldn’t buy any of the books. He got frustrated.

When Jorge got home, he called his friend, Angela. He explained the problem to her.

“You should go to the library,” she said. “They have so many books. You can borrow them for free. When you are done with them, just bring them back.”

“What a great idea!” Jorge says. He goes to the library. It’s a beautiful building. When he walks in, he is surprised. There are not many people there. Jorge walks up to the counter. “Hi,” he says. “I would like to borrow some books.”

signing up

“Ok,” says the librarian. “Are you a member of the public library system?”

“No,” Jorge replies. “I didn’t know about the library until my friend told me.”

“That’s alright,” the librarian tells him. “Do you have your driver’s license or photo ID?”

“Yes, here you go.” Jorge gives the librarian his license. She puts his information into the computer system. Five minutes later, she hands him his library car.

“With this card you can take out up to 15 books and three DVDs at a time,” the librarian explains.

“Thanks so much!” Jorge responds. “I want books on space. Where do I find those?” The librarian shows Jorge how to use the computers to find books. Jorge searches for books on space exploration and astronomy. The computer he is using gives him the location of the books.

He goes to the section on science. It is enormous. There are many rows of book shelves. He gets to the shelves that have books about space. Jorge chooses nine books that he likes and brings them to the circulation desk. Another librarian helps Jorge check the books out.

“These are all due back in one month,” the librarian says.

“Wow, public libraries are amazing!” Jorge exclaims, “I better start reading quickly!”


1. Why does Jorge want books?


2. Why doesn’t Jorge buy books at the bookstore?


3. How did Jorge sign up for a library membership?


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