Do you like eating at a restaurant? It is fun to go out with family and friends to eat in a new place. Most restaurants follow the same script for ordering, cooking, serving, eating, and paying for food. Once you know the script, everything will be easier. This page will help you know what to say when you get to the restaurant.

You can practice these dialogues with a friend. Then you will be able to speak with the host, the server

waiter or waitress
, and anyone else in the restaurant with confidence.

Eating at a Restaurant - Ordering

When you order a meal, sometimes the server will ask you how you would like it cooked. Use this chart to know how much you want your food cooked. Now, you will be able to describe to the chef exactly how you like your food.

Eating at a Restaurant - How cooked

If there is a problem with the food, you can tell the server. Many things can go wrong in a restaurant. Your food could taste bad, it may be overcooked or undercooked, it might not be what you thought you were ordering, or you just might not like it. When you need help, it is important to always be polite. Whatever the problem is, you will want to say almost the same thing. Use the following script to practice telling the server that there is a problem with your food:

  • You: Excuse me?
  • Server: Yes?
  • You: I have a problem with my steak.
  • Server: Oh, I’m sorry. What would you like me to do?
  • You: It’s more undercooked than I prefer. Would you be able to have the chef cook it longer, please?
  • Server: Of course. Let me take it back to the kitchen and I’ll have it back to you in a few minutes.
  • You: Thank you.
  • Server: You are welcome.

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