Jamie is sixteen years old. She lives in New York. This week, she is going to get her learner’s permit. The permit will allow her to drive when her mom or dad are in the car with her. Actually, she can drive when she’s with any adult with a driver’s license. But first, Jamie must pass a written test.

For many weeks, Jamie has been studying traffic rules. There are many signs that she needs to know. Additionally, different lines on the road also mean that drivers can do different things. She must learn what each one means. Dashed lines mean you can pass a car, solid lines mean you can’t pass. Solid yellow lines should be on your left and solid white lines should be on your right.

Safety is important. Everyone must wear a seatbelt. The seatbelt keeps each passenger inside the car if it gets into an accident. An airbag also helps the driver and passenger in the front seats. When there is a big accident, the airbags deploy. This means they come out of the dashboard and blow up with air very quickly.

After dinner the night before Jamie’s written test, she studies for three hours. Then, she goes to bed early and gets a full night’s sleep. She wakes up feeling confident that she will pass her test. Jamie’s mom drives her to the DMV. They wait for about a half hour. Finally, Jamie is called in to take her test. There are 20 multiple choice questions on the test. She must answer 14 correct to pass. It takes her about a half hour to complete. The test is scored immediately. Jamie passes – now she can drive!

Jamie is really excited, but also a little bit nervous. She’s never driven before. Early in the morning on a Saturday, her dad takes Jamie out for her first drive.

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