70 Common Prefixes & Suffixes

Prefixes are the beginning letters of a word.  They generally come from Greek or Latin languages and help to change the meaning of the word.  Here are 10 very common prefixes:

Prefix                                 Meaning                                                     Example

A-, An-                              not, without                                               atypical, atheist, anarchy, anemia, anonymous

Anti-                                  against, counter,                                      antisocial, anti-Semitic, antibody

Pre-                                   before                                                         prejudice, preview, preliminary

Re-                                     again                                                          review, rewind, remember, reinvent

De-                                    opposite, away, against                           deter, deflate, defame, detain, detach

Dis-, Dif-                          not, opposite, undo, away                      distract, dismiss, differ, disrespect, disperse

Mis-                                  not, wrongly, bad                                      mistake, misstep, misappropriate, misspell

Para-                                 alongside, next to, not intersecting      parallel, paraprofessional, parachute, paraphrase

Tele-                                  far away, distant                                       television, telegraph, telephone, telepathy, telekinesis

Un-                                    not, opposite                                              unfair, unbelievable, unreal, unapologetic

Here are 60 more:

Act-,                                 do, act                                                active, activate, react, activity, action, actuate

Acu-                                 sharp                                                  accurate, acupuncture, acute, acumen

Aero-                                air                                                       aerosol, aerial,

Agri-                                soil, earth                                          agriculture, agribusiness, agroindustry

Alter-, Altr                     other                                                   alter ego, altruistic, alteration, altercation

Am-                                 love                                                     amiable, amorous, amicable

Ambi-                              both                                                    ambidextrous, ambivalent, ambitious

Arch-                               chief, rule, first                                 architect, monarchy, anarchy, patriarch

Auto-                               self                                                      automatic, automobile, autocorrect, autograph

Bene-                               good, well                                          benevolent, beneficial, benefactor, benefit

Bi-                                    two                                                      biannual, biped, binoculars

Bio-                                  life                                                       biology, biography, biodiesel, biotechnology

Cent-                               hundred                                              century, centigrade, centimeter, centipede

Co-                                   together                                              cooperate, coordinate, commander, costar, cohabitate

Contr-                             against                                                contradict, contract, contrary

Corp-                               body                                                    corporation, corps, corporal punishment

Demo-                             people                                                 democracy, demographic, demagogue

Dia-                                 through, across                                  diagonal, diachronic, diagnosis, dialect, diatribe, diaphragm

Dic-, Dict-                      say, speak                                            dictate, dictionary, diction, dictator, predict, contradict

Dys-                                 bad, wrongly                                      dysfunctional, dystrophy, dyslexic

Equi-                               equal, same                                        equivalent, equitable, equator, equinox, equilateral

Exter-, Extra-                outside, beyond                                 external, extraordinary, exterior, extrapolate, extravagant

Fac-, Fact-, Fea-           make, do                                              feature, feasible, fact, factory, manufacture

Fid-, Fed-                       true, trust, faith                                  fidelity, federal, fiduciary, confident, confidante, confide

Fin-                                 end                                                         final, finish, finale, refine, define, finite

Fix-                                  repair, attach                                       fix, fixate, prefix, suffix, fixture,

Flu-                                 flow                                                         influence, fluctuate, fluent, fluvial, flush

Fort-                               strength                                                 fort, fortitude, fortify, effort

Form-                             shape                                                      form, conform, reform, formation, format, formula

Gen-                               birth, produce                                       Genesis, genetics, eugenics, generate, generic, generous

Geo-                                earth                                                       geology, geography, geopolitical

Graph-                           write                                                        graph, telegraph, graphic, geographical, autobiography

Hetero-                          other, different                                     heterogeneous, heterosexual, heterodox

Homo-                           same                                                        homogenous, homosexual, homonym, homeopathic

Hum-                             earth, ground                                        human, exhume, humane, humus

Hydr-                             water                                                       hydraulic, hydrant, dehydrate,

Hyper-                           over, above, beyond                             hyperactive, hyperbolic, hyperkinetic, hypersensitive

Hypn-                            sleep                                                        hypnotherapy, hypnotize, hypnotic,

Infra-                             under, below                                          infrastructure, infrared, infra

Inter-                             between, among                                    international, interstate, internet, intercede, interfere

Intra-                             within, inside                                         intramural, intrauterine, intranet

Intro-                             into, toward the inside                        introduction, introspection, introvert, intro

Leg-                                law                                                           legal, legislative, legality, legitimate

Liber-                             free                                                          liberty, liberal, liberalize, liberate, deliverance

Liter-                              letter                                                       literature, literary, alliterate, literal

Loc-                                place                                                       location, locomotion, locate, local, allocate

Loqu-, Locu-                 speak                                                      colloquial, loquacious, circumlocution, eloquent

Lum-, Luc-, Lus-          light                                                        illustrious, luminous, illuminate, lucent

Magn-                             great                                                       magnitude, magnify, magnate, magnanimous

Main-                              strong                                                     maintain, mainstay, mainstream, remain, main

Mal-                                bad, wrong                                             malnutrition, malignant, malformation, malfunction

Man-                               hand                                                        manipulate, maneuver, manage, manual, manufacture

Mega-                              great, big, million                                megaton, megalopolis, megaphone, megalomania

Meta-                              beyond, upon                                        metaphor, metamorphosis, metastasize, metaphysical

Mono-                             one                                                          monopoly, monocle, mononucleosis, monotonous

Morph-                           form, shape                                           morphology, amorphous, morpheme

Multi-                             many                                                       multicultural, multiply, multitude, multilingual

Nasc-, Nat-                    birth                                                        nascent, natal, natural, native, innate, pregnant

Neo-                                new                                                          neonatal, Neolithic, neoconservative, neoclassical

Omni-                             all, every                                                 omniscient, omnipotent, omnibus, omnivorous

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