Before Reading:

Who is in the picture? Describe what they are wearing. What are they doing? What does she have in her hand? How do they feel?

Jane met Peter in high school. It was their junior year. They were both in the same History class. One day after class, they started talking. They quickly became friends. A few months later, Peter asked Jane a question.

“Jane, will you go to Prom with me?” he asked her nervously.

“I’d love to,” Jane agreed. They had so much fun dancing together. After Prom, they started dating. Some people found out. Peter told his friends.

“Oooo,” said his friends. “Peter’s got a girlfriend!” They were making fun of him. Peter didn’t mind because he felt great. His friends weren’t being mean. Rather, they were happy for him. Sometimes boys don’t know how to show their emotions. They knew how nice Peter felt when he was with Jane. So, they were celebrating. They just did it by making fun of him.

Peter and Jane continued dating throughout all four years in college. They went to different universities, but continued to visit each other on school breaks. When they graduated, they both moved back home. Peter got a job as a Pharmacist, and Jane became a teacher. Two years later, Jane had a question to ask Peter.

“Peter, will you marry me?” She asked confidently. It is an old traditional for a man to ask a woman to marry him. But, Jane was not into old or traditional things. Instead, she was practical. She was intelligent and knew what she wanted. One of the things she wanted was to get married and have children, so she did.

“Yes, I will.” Peter said. He loved that Jane said what she thought and asked for what she wanted. Peter thought that was a great way to start a marriage.

Jane and Peter began planning their wedding. They invited their friends from college and work. Their family was very excited for them. Jane’s mom and dad really wanted to have the wedding in their backyard. “What do you think?” Jane asked Peter.

“Sounds perfect!” Peter said, “Their property is beautiful and we won’t have to pay for an expensive site.”

They chose a date in the fall and hired a DJ and a caterer. Their families each helped decorate the backyard and choose music and readings for the ceremony. The pastor at Peter’s church agreed to marry them. He had known Peter’s family since Peter was baptized there.

Everything was set and it was the Big Day. Jane was so nervous. She hoped that everything would go well and that she had prepared properly. Peter was nervous, too. He told Jane how he felt and she was relieved to know that they were feeling the same way.

“It’s got my stomach upset,” she said. “But I can’t wait to say ‘I do’!”

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