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What is this picture of? What is it used for? Describe the vehicle. Write everything you know about firefighters and fire safety.

My name is

Write about firefighters and fire safety (3 minutes)

Brave and Disciplined

Firefighters help us. When there is a fire, we call 9-1-1. The firefighters come. They put out the fire. They try to save people’s lives. It is a dangerous job. Not everyone can do it. You must be brave. Being brave doesn’t mean not being scared. It means being scared and acting anyway.

Firefighters must have a strong body. Andrew is a firefighter. He says the training is very difficult. Andrew wears almost 70 pounds of equipment. He has to be able to walk up stairs with this heavy equipment. So he must exercise often.

A strong mind is even more important. Jayana is also a firefighter. She is very disciplined. Jayana practices drills often. She says the drills help her think automatically. She practices safe habits. Then, when there is a fire, Jayana uses her habits. Training helps her stay calm in an emergency. She uses techniques to calm herself and stay focused. If she is calm, she can save lives.

There are tests to become a firefighter. Everyone must answer questions correctly. Also, they have to be able to lift heavy things. Finally, they must run quickly.

A firefighter is Always ready

Once you are a firefighter, you have to always be ready to work. Fires happen at any time of day. Most occur around dinnertime. But sometimes a fire starts at night. Many firehouses have a place for firefighters to sleep. If there is an emergency, they wake up and are already at the station. They put on their suits and equipment and start the fire engine. The fire station’s big garage door opens and the fire truck exits the station. The driver turns on the lights and the siren. When people see the lights or hear the siren of an emergency vehicle, they should move out of the way. If they are in a car, they should pull over to the side of the road. Firefighters need to get to emergencies fast.

Firefighters are called for many kinds of emergencies. They show up to car accidents and gas leaks. In many cities, firefighters are first responders. This means they must give medical help. Sometimes they are dispatched when someone has a heart attack. They perform first aid and CPR.

There are so many tasks for firefighters. It is scary to go into a burning building. Jayana and Andrew do it often. But some firefighters never enter buildings. Instead, they go to the emergency and organize the equipment and the people there. This is just as important. Jayana and Andrew need organized equipment and good communication. They both agree that the firefighters outside of the burning building help keep the firefighters inside it alive.

Firefighters and Fire Safety: Education

Another responsibility is education. Preventing fires is easier than extinguishing them. That’s why firefighters educate.

Fire Safety - Lighter and matches
A lighter and a box of matches

Firefighters visit schools to teach children about fire safety. They tell children not to play with matches or lighters. Children learn not to use gasoline or other chemicals. With their teachers, children learn how to leave a building safely. They also learn to stay low if they see smoke. Firefighters show students how to stop, drop, and roll. This is the best way to stop a fire on your clothes.

Fire Safety - Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Detector
Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Adults also get training from firefighters. They talk about checking the batteries in smoke alarms. People install smoke alarms on ceilings outside and inside of bedrooms. They make a lot of noise if they detect smoke. Firefighters also teach adults about carbon monoxide. This is a dangerous gas. It comes from heaters and stoves that aren’t working well. Every house and apartment should have a carbon monoxide detector. Firefighters show people where to put one and what to do if the alarm goes off. People install carbon monoxide detectors about three feet off the ground. When the alarm goes off, they should leave their house immediately, then call 9-1-1.

Firefighters Save Lives

Heroes save lives. Firefighters are heroes. They do difficult things to help others.


Choose the correct answer

My name is

A ______________ will warn you about a fire.

Add description here!

Firefighers know how to perform __________.

Add description here!

A ______________ warns you about dangerous gas.

Add description here!

What do you wear when you ride a bicycle?

Add description here!

When you call 9-1-1, who will they dispatch?

How do firefighters know what to do?

What does a firefighter need to do?

Vocabulary: Fill-in-the-blank

dispatchair tank
emergency matches
drillsfirst aid

Use the words above in the blanks below

My name is .

are tiny sticks that help light fires.

If there is an , call 9-1-1.

A first will give medical help to people who are hurt.

Fire trucks have bright that warn people to move out of the way.

If your kitchen starts on fire, call 9-1-1. Firefighters will come and the fire.

Firefighters have very heavy .

are exercises that help people practice doing something.

A protects your head from getting injured.

The on a fire truck, ambulance, or police car is very loud.

An helps firefighters breathe when they are in a burning building.

Education helps children fires before they start.

When there is smoke inside, you should get low and out of the building.

People hurt in a car accident will need .

Firefighters know how to CPR.

When someone is trapped in a burning building, they need anther person to them.

You can use a to easily light a candle.

If you smell , there is a fire near you.

A firefighter uses a huge to aim water and put out the fire.

When you call 9-1-1, the operator will fire trucks to your emergency.

Emergencies every day.

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