Reading: A New Checking Account

Fagan’s Savings is a small, local bank in the city. Janet knows the manager there. His name is Frank. He is a very polite man and knows a lot about investments. One day, Janet comes into the bank and asks for Frank. She sits down and waits for the teller to get him. She wants to open a new checking account.

“Hi, Janet,” Frank says, shaking her hand. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, Frank,” Janet replies. “I finally started that flower business on Main Street and I need a bank account to manage the money for the business.”

“Oh, congratulations!” Frank exclaims. “You have always talked about wanting to do that.”

“Yes, I have,” Janet confirms. “And we’re doing really well so far!”

“I always knew you’d do well,” Frank says. “You’re so good with people and very knowledgeable about flowers.”

“Thanks, Frank,” Janet says with a smile. “Well, now we have so many customers that I need to hire someone else to keep up with the special orders. That’s a big part of why I’m here.”

“Well, I’ve never done payroll before,” Frank admits. “but I’ve got a guy who has. Would you like his information?”

“That would be wonderful,” Janet responds. “For today, let’s just get a new checking account started.”

“Sure thing, Janet!” Frank replies. “Let’s go over to my desk and get you set up. What’s the name of the business?”

“Venus Flowers,” Jane declares, smiling proudly.

“I love it!” Frank says.


What does Janet want to do?

What kind of business does Janet own?

How is the business doing?

What does Frank do at the bank?

Why does Frank talk about payroll?

Janet wants to open a account.

Janet owns a business.

Janet will someone else to help her at the florist.

The new bank account will help Janet the money for her business.

Venus Flowers is very successful. They have many who want to buy flowers.

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