Listen to the audio.

Use the words above to fill in the blanks.

Will and Melissa have a baby. The baby's name is Luca. Luca loves the .

Today, his family is taking him there. So, Will and Melissa are getting to bring their baby to the beach.

It is late afternoon. Will and Melissa must .

First, they need food. A  will help keep the food fresh.

They pack their red and white cooler. It has ice, two turkey and cheese ,

two water , an apple and a bag of grapes.

Will gets two beach from the closet.

Melissa folds a blue and white beach

and puts it in her

Will gets dressed. He wears and a short-sleeve shirt.

The beach is , so Will doesn't want shoes.

His are great for the beach. They are comfortable and easy to clean. Melissa starts packing things for the baby.

Luca will need diapers and wipes. He loves playing on his blanket. Melissa also finds some for him.

Most importantly, she packs for the whole family.



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