The spring season is a time of many changes. The Earth’s axis is increasing its tilt relative to the sun. Every day, the sun sets later and rises earlier, resulting in longer days and shorter nights. Its rays are more direct, which makes their effect stronger. This causes hemispheric temperatures to rise, the ice and snow from winter to melt, and the ground to thaw. Melting snow flows down mountains in streams, which cause the rivers to swell. Frosts become less frequent and less severe.

Spring Season - May Flowering Tree
Flowering trees in May

In addition to the effects of thawing, the warming temperatures mean increased humidity in the air, resulting in more frequent rain showers. The rain soaks the ground and it becomes muddy. The ground becomes softer and more hospitable to  plants’ roots.

The spring season means new life. All of this activity makes the natural world come alive in ways it hasn’t since the fall. Sap in the trees begins to flow, drawing up water from the muddy ground, and causing the trees’ buds to sprout. Soon, the bright colors of blooming flowers, flowering trees and young, light-green leaves can be seen everywhere. Insects that lie dormant all winter long are again able to move quickly enough to fly.

Spring Season - Honeybee on a dandelion
Honeybee on a dandelion

Bees are a particularly important group of these insects. Bees can be seen in early spring flying from flower to flower, drinking the nectar that they use to make honey, and dragging pollen with them as they visit each and every flower. This pollen fertilizes the flowers, which will in turn produce fruits. Every fruit that we eat is a result of a process of pollination that is helped greatly by the work of bees.

Flowering tree in May

With the rapidly lengthening days, a stronger sun, warmer temperatures, brighter colors, stronger smells, and the general signs of life, human beings spend more time outdoors and begin, too, to come alive. The spring is an exhilarating time of high energy and intense growth, which affect all living things. With all of these changes, it’s hard not to love the spring season.

Comprehension Questions: Spring Season

What is the main idea of this reading?

  • a.  The sun gets stronger in the spring.
  • b.  Bees are an important insect.
  • c.  Spring is a time of changes.
  • d.  The ice and snow from winter melt.

What causes the ground to be so muddy?

  • a.  The ground is dormant and days are longer.
  • b.  The flowers bloom and bees are important.
  • c.   The ground is thicker and plants roots.
  • d.  It rains more and the ground thaws.  

What is paragraph 1 about?

  • a. Fruit
  • b. Changes
  • c. Every day
  • d. This causes

Why are bees so important?

  • a. They help pollination.
  • b. They drink nectar.
  • c. They fly.
  • d. They find honey.
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