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Barbecues are an American tradition and an essential part of the summertime.


A salad is important for a balanced diet.  The salad at left is composed of mixed greens, tomatoes, red peppers and red onions, and will be dressed with oil & vinegar and salt & pepper.  But the majority of people are barbecuing so that they can eat the following:  hot dogs in buns dressed with mustard, ketchup or relish; hamburgers in buns dressed with ketchup and mustard; short ribs dressed with BBQ sauce; clams soaked in butter and lemon juice.

The picture at right shows raw hamburger meat (ground beef) that is already on the bottom rack of the grill, BBQ Open Grillcorn on the cob that is individually wrapped in pieces of aluminum foil and sitting on the top racks, and a man using metal tongs to place hotdogs on the bottom racks of the grill, next to the hamburgers.


The picture below and on the left, taken ten minutes later, shows the same burgers, hot dogs and corn BBQ Peopleon the cob, all fully cooked and ready to be eaten.


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