Present Simple

Simple Present


The present simple is used to talk about the following:

1.  Habitual or Repeated Actions

These are actions that you do often or every day


a.  Jared goes to school at 9:30 in the morning.

b.  Sometimes Diana listens to music on her ride home from work.

c.  My friends and I drink coffee after dinner when we go out to eat.

2.  Descriptions

When describing people or things, use the verb to be in the present simple

a.  Daquan and Taisha’s apartment building is modern, clean and very expensive.

b.  Samantha Jones and Smith Jarrod are beautiful people.  They are characters from a fictional television series.

c.  We are all really happy for our mother, who just got a job at the advertising firm she’s always talking about.


Most verbs have the same form for all subjects except for he, she and it.

I have…                   We have…

You have…              You guys have…

–                                 You all have…

He has…                  They have…

She has…                 –

It has…                    –

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