My daily morning routine looks like this:

Every morning, I wake up at 5:45. I get out of bed and go downstairs. In the kitchen, I open a cabinet and take out a bag of coffee. I put the coffee grounds into the coffee maker. While the coffee is brewing, I smell the delicious aroma. Then, I pour a cup for myself. I sit at my dining room table and drink it. While I’m drinking my coffee, I write in my journal.

daily morning routine - coffee

At about 7:00, my daughter wakes up. She calls for me, “Daddy!” I go upstairs to see her. Sometimes, she is still sleepy. Sometimes, she is very awake. She tells me about her dreams. Sometimes, her dreams are scary. Sometimes, they are fun. We talk about them. Then, she comes downstairs for breakfast. I make her oatmeal or cereal for breakfast. We usually sit and eat breakfast together. She loves cereal, and so do I.

That is our daily morning routine.


  • What time do I wake up?


  • While I’m drinking my coffee, what do I do?


  • What does my daughter eat for breakfast?


Copy the paragraph on a piece of paper:

Every morning, I _____  ____ at 5:45. I ____ ___ of bed and ___ downstairs to make coffee. I ____ a cup of coffee and ___ at my dining room table to drink it. While I’m drinking my coffee, I _____ in my journal.

At about 7:00, my daughter ______ ___. She _______ for me, “Daddy!” I ___ upstairs to see her. She _______ me about her dreams. We ______ about them. Then, she ______ downstairs for breakfast. I _____ her breakfast. We usually ___ and ____ cereal together. She _______ cereal, and so do I.

Now, you write about your morning:

Every morning, I _________________________________. Then, I __________________________________. Next, _____________________. For breakfast, I eat _____________________________________ and drink _______________________________.

American Culture

  • Cereal is one of the most common breakfast foods in the United States. Sixty percent of Americans eat cereal at least once a week. What do people eat and drink for breakfast in your native country?

In my native country, people eat ______________________ and drink ________________ for breakfast.

  • Not everyone in the United States eats breakfast. Some people wake up, drink some water or coffee, and don’t eat until 11:00am or 12:00 noon. Do most people in your native country eat breakfast?