Chickens are the stupidest animals on a farm.


1 Syllable words:        word > the word+est

big, tall, fat, small, slim, plump, long, short, sweet, cool, hot, cold, warm,

big > the biggest         tall > the tallest        fat > the fattest           small > the smallest

2 Syllable words that end in “y”:      wordy > the word+iest

happy, healthy, crazy, silly, slimy, dizzy, stinky, shady, nasty, bumpy, silky, scaly

happy > the happiest  – healthy > the healthiest  – crazy > the craziest

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,… Syllable words:     word > the most word

2: awful, frigid, useful, helpful, mature, distant, superb

the most awful, the most frigid, the most useful, the most helpful,

3: different, wonderful, difficult, excessive, outstanding, fantastic,

      the most different, the most wonderful, the most difficult,

4: interesting, incredible, immaculate,

      the most interesting, the most incredible, the most immaculate

5: unbelievable, uncomfortable, imaginable

     the most unbelievable, the most uncomfortable, the most imaginable




My sister’s room was always the cleanest room in our house.

Who is the most interesting person that you know?

Your friend has the happiest husband I’ve ever seen.

  1. Where is (high)________________ mountain in the world?
  2. China now has (big) ________________ economy in the world.
  3. Where is (fancy) ________________restaurant in this city?
  4. Some of (large)________________ trees are Redwoods and can be found in California.
  5. Taking a taxi is (easy) ________________ way of getting around Manhattan, but it’s also (expensive)________________________.
  6. If you wanted to see (tall) ________________building in the world, where would you have to go?


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