Photo: Acupuncture needles placed in skin

Audio: Acupuncture Dictation

  1. The ancient Chinese invented acupuncture.
  2. Western medicine is often very different from Eastern medicine.
  3. Acupuncture is a procedure in which needles are inserted into the patient’s skin.
  4. When needles pierce the skin, there is always a risk of infection.
  5. If I believed in acupuncture, it would probably cure my headache.
  6. What are the differences between Eastern and Western explanations of how acupuncture works?
  7. Acupuncture, like Chiropractic procedures, are not acceptable medical practices for some American insurance companies.
  8. Studies have shown that acupuncture produces better results than a placebo treatment.
  9. The Chinese believe that the body has a series of meridians, or channels, through which energy flows.
  10. An acute sense of touch will allow the acupuncturist to better understand the flow of energy within a given meridian.

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