Future Simple

The future simple is formed in 2 ways:

1.      will + verb (base form)


a.  After having dinner, guests will move into the lounge, where they will relax and enjoy IMG_1142lively conversation and after-dinner drinks.

b.  Tonight I will leave for your house around 7:30 and will probably arrive at about 8:15, depending on traffic.

c.  When the sun sets, we will be at the lake, watching it go down over the mountains from the beach.

Try these:

1.  There’s so much leftover dessert that the waitstaff _____________________________  (have) to bring some home.

2.  Amelia and Jerome _________________________ (try) to figure out whom they ask for directions to the campsite.


Negative sentences:

will + not = won’t


a.  Sandra won’t tell me where she put my favorite swimsuit.

b.  If we don’t leave now, we  won’t get to the airport on time.

c.  You were so scared the first time you saw the movie Jaws that I thought, “He won’t ever swim in the ocean again”.

Try these:

1.  You mean you _________________________ (not help) me with all of the work I have to do?

2.  If the sea levels keep rising, Coney Island in Brooklyn _______________________________ (not be) habitable soon.


(Question word)  +  will  +  subject  + verb


a.  Who will Joan call tomorrow if she needs a ride home from school?

b.  Will you get a raise if you ask your boss for one?

c.  What time will your brother arrive in Miami?

2.      to be + going to + verb (base form)


a.  Harriet is going to crash her car if she doesn’t slow down.

b.  We are going to play basketball at the park.  Are you going to come with us?

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